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REfresh Database & emails

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REfresh Database & emails
Hello, I need to "refresh" my LINKS database, here what In' trying to accomplish:

1. Change old "addition date" to "current date", so they all show up as NEW*

2. Re-build (at the same time) the emails database, so all emails address are re-added to the email.db (lost my email.db file... long story)

--->>I know I can take care of #1 by manually editing the links.db, change the dates, and FTP the file back. This will show them all as NEW, however, it will take a while... and LINKS DOES NOT re-add the emails address to the email.db <<---

Please help, (did search forum, couldn't find a similar topic)

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Re: [qdice] REfresh Database & emails In reply to
Anyone ?

I just changed the date in all links.db entries and re-FTP the file. This took care and made all show as new links: http://www.nuzgeeks.com

NOW, I just need to find a way to re-populated my email.db which is now blank.

Any ideas ?

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qdice: Sep 27, 2002, 1:05 PM