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I have a few questions about Links2...

First off a problem I'm having...in the admin page I can no longer add any catagories...I was able to add one..now when I click on it again I get a blank page...here's part of the source code which I think will help someone help me:

Error Message : error in get_defaults. unable to open id file: .
Reason: No such file or directory
Script Location : d:\www\cgi-bin\admin\admin.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00502

Form Variables
add_form : 1
db : category

Additionally, am I just being stupid or can you not add internal links in the form of /links/blah.html (you need the full http://host/dir/file.xxx). But when I edit the links database I can replace the http:// with just /links/blah.html and it works..is it possible to directly add local links via the admin screen or must I modify some of the script (just tell me where).

When I get the script fully configured I don't plan on having a "what's new", "what's cool" or "rate it" section...should I remove all the code (script) or will it not make much of a difference?