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Problems with classified ads.

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Problems with classified ads.
I'm using links as a classifieds, and it works great, but for one thing. When someone posts an ad, the words don't wrap into 2 or 3 sentences. It just writes one very long sentence accross my page. If anyone can offer a suggestion about how to fix this, I'd trully appreciate it. The URL to my classifieds is <http://www.buz2.com/classifieds/adds/>. If somone could possibly take a look at the one ad I have under the service directory, they would see what I mean?

Thank you very much,
Ellis Ward.

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Re: Problems with classified ads. In reply to
I have provided codes using the linewrap sub in the LINKS Customization Forum, which is where you should post questions like this.

Search the Links Customization Forum for Description linewrap and use Add for matching options in the forum's search form.


Eliot Lee