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Problems validating links.

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Problems validating links.

I encounter a very strange problem when I validate my links.

My database consists of ca 400 links.

However, the 'validate' function only allows me to validate 10 links each time. After the validation process I have to wait ca 5-6 hours before I can validate another 10 links.

If I click on the 'validate button’ immediately after the first 10 validated links, then I can actually still view the links, which I (just) have validated. If I try to validate the links again then the system will generate the following:

Validate Links

Error validating links:
Validate Error: 177. Couldn't find record in validation database

But, if I wait for ca 5-6 hours then the recently validated links will not appear in the validate window.

Note that I am not allowed to execute nph files so I have implemented the latest update for non-nph users found in the resource section.

Another problem I have is that my links.db sometimes changes back to 644.

I am in the process of adding a great deal of new links. Is it possible to 'switch off' the validation process temporarily?

Thanks for a great forum with helpful people.


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Re: Problems validating links. In reply to
Didn't I already address this problem in the Links 2.0 Installation-UNIX Forum within the past few days?


Eliot Lee

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Re: Problems validating links. In reply to
Yes,you did.

However, I first posted a message in the LINKS discussion forum; however, I though it was more appropriate to use the installation forum instead.

SO, that is the reason why you already addressed it earlier on.

I will definitely implement your instructions in regards to use a text editor and copy the links from the validate file into the links.db file.

Thanks for your always-prompt reply. I realise that you are not employed by Alex and is doing this to help people like myself. Your time and effort is highly appreciated.

Thanks once again and I am really sorry about the two identical threads (though in two different forums).

All the best,