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Problems in searching links

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Problems in searching links
I'm actually encountering a problem with search feature of links 2.0:

Let's suppose that I have a link that has:

- Title: duffy duck
- Description: Disney carachter

..when I search for: "Disney duck" (no AND operator) I receive a "nothing found", but those words are really present.

Can someone tell me if it is a known bug of the code or I have a personal problem?

Many Thanks in advance

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Re: Problems in searching links In reply to

no i believe it's not a personnal problem!

the defaut connector is 'AND',
and If U made a query with a word which is in the title and another which is in the description, the search engine doesn't find the link...

The only solution that I know is:
make a new field where U put all the keywords..
It should be a better solution, but i don't know it .