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Popular page ranking

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Popular page ranking
I wonder how is it possible to change the look of the popular site to make them appear by "hit number" order and not by their category.

Now i got

Categorie : A
site1 with 70 hits

Categorie : B
site2 with 85 hits

Categorie : C
site3 with 69 hits

I would link to change it as

Best top three :

Site 2 (85)
Site 1 (70)
Site 3 (69)

And then the rest by hit number till the cutoff i have set.

How to do that ?
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Re: Popular page ranking In reply to
Not too complicated. If you want the links to appear differently than the standard listing of the link.html file, then it would be a bit complicated. But to take out the categories, all you would have to do is edit the codes in the sub build_cool_page routine in the nph-build.cgi file.

Take out the first $link_results configuration statement where it prints the $category_clean variable.

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C