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Password Protect

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Password Protect
which is the correct link to use here please?

I did a search and came back with 52 results under password protect

yesterday someone went to my site and deleted all my links lovely and thank you so much alex for auto back up

I don't have any thing special there so who ever did it is just plain mean.

So to avoid it from happening again until I can muster throught your directions I just deleted admin.cgi off the server.

I know I am carrying on here but after reading 26 posts that really don't tell me how to password protect and 5 of them have links in them that don't lead anywhere I am about ready to give up. Please help.
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Thread Password Protect couponangel 2242 Aug 11, 2003, 4:27 AM
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Andy 2205 Aug 11, 2003, 4:42 AM