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Password Modify Help

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Password Modify Help

I tried to install the Password Modify v1.0 for Links v2.0 from the Resources in Links : Modifications section.

But didnt have good luck.

i followed the instructions until i came to the point where it starts with:

In your site_html.pl you will have a lot of litle changes.
1) In your sub site_html_add_form you will have to add this option to the user:

There is no user section or i'm misunderstanding this. I mean where do i even place this?

Then in the part 2 section it says to create a sub called site_html_modify_first but it says he's not putting all the code there.

Whats all or the rest of the code?

Then in part 3 it says to change all the $in{'xxx'} to $rec{'xxx'}
but i couldnt even find it

All help is appreciated

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Re: Password Modify Help In reply to
1) You will have to add a field in your links.def file for the Password Field. Read the FAQ in the Resource Center for adding fields to your existing links.db file.

2) You will have to add an input field for the Password field in sub site_html_add_form if you are using the site_html.pl. If not, then you will have to add the input field in the add template files:


3) Your sub site_html_modify_first should look like the following in the site_html_templates.pl file:

sub site_html_modify_first {
# Modify Access Form

print &load_cgi_template ('modify_first.html', { %globals

4) In the sub site_html_modify_form, change the $in{'Category'} to $rec{'Category'}.

Hope this helps.

BTW: Since this question regards a Mod that you installed, you should post this type of question in the LINKS MODIFICATION FORUM.



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