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Page build is slightly off..

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Page build is slightly off..

I've used the version before the newest one for a good year now, and it's been terrific.

I have a problem now though, with the pages not being built. First, let me explain ive had problems with exceeding my disk quota on my web server a couple of times. (im not sure if that has anything to do with it)..although a couple of days ago i had re-uped.

I had two new submissions today, the first since the re-uping of the quota. I went to validate them and when i did, it said "records validated: 1,2" ...i have 450 or so records, and am curious why it all the sudden went back down to 1 and 2?

then, went i went to build the pages, it did the "Updating record: 27, marking as popular (207)." for example, and did all the popular records. Then it just stops, with no error at the bottom of the page, and no message stating any problem with the disk quota, which there shouldnt be anyway.

Can any one explain this? Any help is appreciated/ Thanks,