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Open link in new, framed window!

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Open link in new, framed window!
Allright, I've been using the open link in a new window on my previous install of links.
Now I want something more :-).

I want jump.cgi (or whoever thats responsible) to open in a new window, but I want it to open a framed window, where the rate button and possibly a logo and return link to my site is.

Any tips on how to go abouts doing this? Thanks.
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Re: Open link in new, framed window! In reply to
This has been discussed in a lengthy Thread in the Links Modification Forum before. I have this working on my site. Please search the Links Modification Forum more thoroughly for Threads that relate to pop-up windows, jump.cgi, etc.

The codes to make this work ARE in this Forum.



Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C

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