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Open Directory on your site!

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Open Directory on your site!
Hi folks - long time, no see!

I was just wondering it anyone has used that free Open Directory script on their site ? I just discovered it the other day and whacked it up on my site in 5 minutes flat - - but was just wondering how reliable and easy to hack it was ?

Anyone ?

BTW, if you've not seen it and want to download it, it's FREE (!) and available from http://www.grohol.com/downloads/

Craig Antill
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Re: Open Directory on your site! In reply to

I downloaded days after it was released (may have changed now) and it was pretty confusing and not very well documented. It takes pieces of code from Dmoz and prints them as is, meaning that it you want to change "Top: Business" to "Home / Business" you'd have to use custom programming between the script.

It seemed really interesting, but after this I got a bit disappointed, so I made my own script Wink


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Re: Open Directory on your site! In reply to
I'm using it:


Click on the POD link at the top.

They emailed me about 2 weeks ago and said there was a new version, that ODP changed. I was able to install it in minutes.

BTW... if you want the scripts, do a search at http://www.cgi-resources.com for maxxcom

I'm also using their Amazon script. Both were really simple, and do what I need. There are some commercial offerings, but they don't offer much more for most people than these free scripts.