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One more hosting question...?

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One more hosting question...?
I tried setting it up on Virtualave. My adress is weedbed.virtualave.net/links
For some reason, when i try to go there, it says not found, even though i uploaded ( with 2 programs just to make sure). Even if i go to weedbed.virtualave.net/links/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi, it still says not found.

Any ideas why this could be, and what i need to do?

If my paths are wrong could you let me know what they should be? Right now they are set to
weedbed.virtualave.net/links/cgi-bin/admin...and so on. Should the files be in the cgi-bin? Right now none of them are.

Thanks a lot Guys! These probably sound like dumb questions to you!

(now ya see how i got my name...:-))
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I answered your duplicate Topic.



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