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Ok..slowly but surely

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Ok..slowly but surely
Thanks to those who have helped so far...especially Thomas. I realize there is a learning style thing. Me being unable to follow a map but able to walk around a city and construct a map in my head. I had trouble understanding when people said "Search for cgf", only to be unable to understand what people are talking about. A hint about how to repsond to/make FAQs for theose of us who are somewhat learning disabled with regards to technical things.[/i]


Ok I have the general idea, after figuring out that I could use FTP to edit a file in place. I now have
it sort of the way I want it:


NOTE I succeeded in getting a new title.

Now I need to ask---if I decide to use someone
else's contributed templates--I like the one in
German and English in the TEMPLATES section, but there is not English instructions!!

But anyway, if I want to do that--use neqw templates, will I need to go in and make modifications so that I can keep my template with the title:

TokyoProgressive Kwik-Links:

(2) It is said here and there we can just edit our own templates. I usually use Communicator.

I am afraid I will screw things up. But can I just do that. Is there any caveat on what one cannot change?

(3) Related---I see a few template contributions have
places for logos. How do I insert my log? Edit it first in NEtscape Communicator and THEN upload?

Hope this makes sense.

Paul Arenson__/
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Re: [arenson] Ok..slowly but surely In reply to
1) To change the title of your Links 2.0 generated web site, edit the $build_site_title variable in the links.cfg file.

2) If you use an off-line editor client program, like Netscape Editor/Communicator, you should install the Enhanced Template.pm mod, which is listed in the Resources section of this site. This issue has been discussed in the past. Try searching the Links 2.0 Discussion and Customization forums for Front Page or Dreamweaver.

3) Yes, edit your templates off-line, upload the edited template files via FTP, then re-build your directory via the admin.cgi script.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [arenson] Ok..slowly but surely In reply to

I probably will only modify some text user a test editor for now...but will keep in mind your search suggestions.