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Ok..slowly but surely

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Ok..slowly but surely
Thanks to those who have helped so far...especially Thomas. I realize there is a learning style thing. Me being unable to follow a map but able to walk around a city and construct a map in my head. I had trouble understanding when people said "Search for cgf", only to be unable to understand what people are talking about. A hint about how to repsond to/make FAQs for theose of us who are somewhat learning disabled with regards to technical things.[/i]


Ok I have the general idea, after figuring out that I could use FTP to edit a file in place. I now have
it sort of the way I want it:


NOTE I succeeded in getting a new title.

Now I need to ask---if I decide to use someone
else's contributed templates--I like the one in
German and English in the TEMPLATES section, but there is not English instructions!!

But anyway, if I want to do that--use neqw templates, will I need to go in and make modifications so that I can keep my template with the title:

TokyoProgressive Kwik-Links:

(2) It is said here and there we can just edit our own templates. I usually use Communicator.

I am afraid I will screw things up. But can I just do that. Is there any caveat on what one cannot change?

(3) Related---I see a few template contributions have
places for logos. How do I insert my log? Edit it first in NEtscape Communicator and THEN upload?

Hope this makes sense.

Paul Arenson__/
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