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Number of SubCats not included in TopCat

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Number of SubCats not included in TopCat
Hi World!

There's one thing I came across after nearly 2 years of using LINKS:

While my links.db was growing I had to switch to "build_staggered" since otherwise my server timed out. Now it seems, that LINKS does not include the number of Links in a Subcategory within the number of links of a Topcategory anymore.


Home : TopCat (includes indeed 0 links) : SubCat (includes 20 links)

Then the number of links for the TopCat is set to 0, whereas there are links within the SubCat - namely 20. Building my pages locally on my PC using the build-all function the numer of links for TopCat is indeed 20.

I've been searching throughout this forum and found that several others seem to have this problem, but did not find any solution.

Anyone with suggestions?

Thanks & regards