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I managed to get my newsletter e-mail function all set up, and send out the first newsletter with no problems. However, when I went to send out the second newsletter, it still had all the links from the first one still on it. Do I need to wait until the first set of links is no longer "new" (i.e., two weeks) before sending out a second e-mail? Or is there some other way around this, short of manually deleting the first set of links each time before pressing the send button?

Also, do I have to manually send out the newsletter each time? Or is there some way to get it to send automatically on some sort of predefined schedule (e.g. weekly)?
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Re: Newsletter In reply to
I believe that you have to wait until your what's new variable passes to send out a new set of links to your newsletter subscribers.

In terms of automating the process, unfortunately, at this time, the nph-email.cgi file cannot be automated.


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Re: Newsletter In reply to
Thanks for the response. At least I know it is not something I did wrong. Smile
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