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Newbie questions

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Newbie questions
My first post. I am a true real green newbie to perl. I want to learn , but need some help. Can anyone recommend a book on perl that would be appropriate for a beginner?
Second, many error messages are very clear as to what needs corrected, but what does "near" mean. Is there a rule of thumb for where to look, just before, just after the referenced error?
When adding a category the bottom 2 text boxes are for header and footer, if I want to use these boxes what goes there, the full path to a header file, just header.txt, or "header.txt"?
Finally ,I have a question on headers and footers... I have researced the forum and can't find an answer, and it may be more appropriate for the modification forum, I don't want to change my category layout, but what I would like is to have header and footer files specific to each individual category. for instance, I would like category 1 to use header1.txt and footer1.txt and category 2 to use header2.txt and footer2.txt. This is for targeting specific banners and info, based on the category selected.
I can use the technique offered up by Bobsie by making individual category templates. I thought maybe someone else has figured out how to use multiple header and footerfiles.

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Perl for Dummies is very basic, but I found it a very good start


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Re: Newbie questions In reply to
Also, there are a lot of good online resources that will get you started. Checkout these for starters:


Martin Webster
Cebidae's UK Internet Resource
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Re: Newbie questions In reply to
You have presented quite a few questions. I'll try to help on the first two and the final.

There are so many books on Perl and as one soon adjusts to wanting more in the way of depth it really comes down to which book can satisfy the beginner and the not so green beginner. I have bought most of what is on the market and feel that no one book covers my need. However if I were to identify the book I use most often it has to be the 'Perl Black Book' by Steven Holzner. ISBN 1-57610-465-6

On your second question there is no rule of thumb I know of. Error messages have to be considered from the point of view that an error occured which caused a blitz of error messages. Clearing the first knocks out some of the listed errors but you then have to clear the next etc...

The 'near' statement is a valuable pointer to the initial problem. In general it usually refers to some kind of syntax problem... Wrong type of or missing brackets, missing semicolon etc.

On your final problem I think you need the add on's which allow you to use <%if ...%> and <%include ...%> - I can't recall which they are at the moment. I'll seek out and get back to you.

George E.D. Burville
Ed: www.appbe.com