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Newbie questions

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Newbie questions
I'm brand new here so be kind Smile

1. I want to format Links in the following way:

http://This is name of the Link

This is the description of the link which will be the first few sentence of the webpage and end with this: http://read more

What I want is the "read more" to be the same link as the link above. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

2. Any place in particular besides the FAQ and the instructions that you would recommend someone who's green like me to go to before posting other potentially dumb questions here?
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1) Take a look in the link.html template. All you have to do is move the html code around how you want it; simply copy the href to the second spot after the description. Most of your link formatting is accomplished through link.html (assuming you get rid of the CSS), but some tweaking requires working with site_html_templates.pl.

2) Other than those, just read through old forum posts. There is a lot of information here!