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Newbie Question ... Open in new window?

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Newbie Question ... Open in new window?
Ok, I dont know if this is the right area of the forum to ask, but here it goes...

I am evaluating Links 2.0 on an NT/IIS4 system, I got it up and running fine, no hitches at all (BTW, great on the docs with the mods needed to run under NT Smile ). I love the app, but I have one minor question/problem/annoyance...
I want to load external links in a new window, but I cant find where to place the
in the scripts.
I am using templates, but I didnt see anywhere in the Templates to set this up Frown
and I am rusty on my perl so I couldn't locate where it goes in the scripts...

Any ideas?

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Re: Newbie Question ... Open in new window? In reply to
In your template file, link.html, replace <a href="<%whatever%>">link</a>
<a href="<%whatever%>" target="_blank">link</a>