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Newbie's questions

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Newbie's questions
Hi everyone - new here!

I need a script to run a yellow pages type of directory. I think LSQL might be what I need, but am short on money to start with. Links 2 looks promising too, so I'm thinking about buying it first and if the site goes as I want it to and brings in some cash I'll upgrade to LSQL later.

A few questions -

1. How difficult would it be to upgrade to LSQL later on?

2. Can I change Links2 so that business name doesn't have to be an active link? Some of the businesses I'd like to list will not have websites. I need the script to allow people to add a listing that doesn't have a URL and post this listing not as a link. At the same time if a user does provide a URL, I still want that listing as an active link.

3. How difficult it is to change the fields for each listing? I want to add location and maybe a couple of other things.

4. How can I get rid of the most popular / ratings and votes system? I don't really want it on a business directory.

5. Most importantly - can I create a "premium listings" feature? That's where the $$$ should come from Blush. I want to have 2-3 types of premium listings with different formats (i.e. bold or large + bold or large+bold+icon). I prefer to be able to set those like I would the editor's choice.

Help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: [Anat] Newbie's questions In reply to
Hi..I'll try and answer your questions;

1) Not very hard. The hardest (well, not hard, but more time consuming) thing would probably be the templates. All the data can be transfered automatically by LSQL.

2) It is possible to hack Links 2 to do this. There is a hack in the Resources section I beleive.

3) Not difficult for someone who knows what they are doing...but for a newbie, it its quite hard.

4) Just take the HTML out of link.html and the templates.

5) Yeah...I would imagine that is possible. It would be a lot easier with Links SQL...but I suppose Links 2 could do it Wink

Hope my answers help a bit.

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Newbie's questions In reply to

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Visit my LinkSQL based Cat Site - www.Meowhoo.com