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Need some help I have a few ?

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Need some help I have a few ?
The first a clarification of Email Newsletter over Email Links. I believe a newsletter would go out to whomever subscribed through the subscribe screen and NOT the links owners, correct? And the Links email is the opposite? So if a Links Owner wanted the newsletter they would have to subscribe too?

And if they want NO mail how do they choose NO? Do I need to add that option in the add.html?

Second, looking for experience here... If a site fits in two catagories do you let people duplicate it or not?

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Re: Need some help I have a few ? In reply to
re Duplicates

Problem is, you're going to have it show up on the Admin screen under "Check Duplicates" --perhaps a better solution is to use Loopy's Multi-Cat mod (though it does add a burden on the Admin to properly assign the link to other cats).


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