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Need HElp in icons

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Need HElp in icons
i want to add new item to add section
the lenguge of the site (English/Hebrew)
that in the user screen will sow as small icon of flag
can u help me please?
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Re: Need HElp in icons In reply to
Please read the FAQ in the Resource Center about adding fields to your existing database.

Also, there are a few lengthy Topics in the Modification Forum (where you should be posting questions like this) that address this very issue.

Search the Modification Forum for the following keywords:

Kodak language


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* Check Resource Center
* Search Forums
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Re: Need HElp in icons In reply to
I've done something similar with a couple of projects I've worked on using Links...

Take a look at this link:

[The listings each show the type of site (home-page, non-profit.org, company, etc..) as well as types of service/resource. So the only choice you'd need to make would be whether you want an either/or option or a tick box for all appropriate languages option]

If the this icon idea is more or less what you are looking for. If it is then I'll see what I can do to help you out.

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