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Multiple .db files

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Multiple .db files
Alex, et al. -

I'm in the process of converting an existing site to Links 2.0. It's currently held in a godawful mix of FileMaker, Frontier, and BBEdit. Last night I imported all 600+ categories/subcategories and managed to convert their rather quixotic encoding scheme; today, it's the links' turn.

The current links database has about 40 fields -- not counting the new ones that Links will require. Most of these hold administrativia unimportant to the end user. For this proof-of-concept, I'll probably duplicate the old data structure pretty blindly, but I suspect performance may suffer because of it.

Would it be advisable to create a distributed data record for each link entry? That is, could I keep a links.db that would hold the typical keyword, URL, description, etc. info -- and which would be used for building pages and searching -- plus an admin_stuff.db that holds all of the business details (advertising rep, reviewer name, etc.)? The administrator could then click on a button on the main admin page to move to a detailed admin edit form.

I assume both databases would use the same ID number, and of course I'd have to add logic (and HTML) to handle dual updates, deletions, etc.

Does this sound (a) feasible, (b) advisable, (c) insanely difficult? I searched the forum for potentially related threads, but couldn't find any.


P.S. I'm assuming this will eventually move to LinksSQL, if that makes any difference.