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More Links Pages
Hello Everyone!

I have a problem: the script builds the pages more2.html or more3.html when there are too many links for the index.html page of the category. Anyway the index.html page doesn't have a link to the pages more2.html and more2.html doesn't have a link to more3.html

How is it possible ?
I tried to search the forum for an answer but I wasn't able to find one.

Thanks in advance for your helpful tips.

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Re: [willsmit] More Links Pages In reply to
Hi. Did you try this;

<%if Prev%>

<%if Next%>

I havn't used Links2 for a while.. but I'm pretty sure that will work (you may have to wrap a <a href. ..>..</a> around it, as I'm not sure if they are linked.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] More Links Pages In reply to
Thank you a lot Andy!
I am gonna try it :)
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Re: [willsmit] More Links Pages In reply to
Problem solved :)

this is the missing part:

<!-- Next/Previous links if spanning pages. -->
<p align=center>
<%if prev%>
<small><a href="<%prev%>">Prev <%build_links_per_page%></a></small>
<%if next%>
<small><a href="<%next%>">Next <%build_links_per_page%></a></small>

Thanks for your help :)