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Mail Error.... I need help!

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Mail Error.... I need help!
I have problems sending mails to the people who add their site.....
Here's the Error..CGI ERROR
Error Message : Unable to init mailer! Reeason: Sendmail was not defined or not found: joey4_5@hotmail.com
Script Location : nph-email.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00503

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Re: Mail Error.... I need help! In reply to

This is most likely because you do not have the Email Path configured in your links.cfg file. Look for the Email options.

# PATH of sendmail.
You most likely need to configure $db_mail_path = '';

Which is usually something like
$db_mail_path = '/usr/bin/sendmail';

Make sure you have the right path tho, as yours could be different. Also make sure you set your email address just below that

# Email address of the administrator. BE SURE TO SET!
$db_admin_email = 'admin@blah.com';

Hope this helps
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Re: Mail Error.... I need help! In reply to

Since this is the second error you have posted that is due to lack of something not being correct in your links.cfg, I think you really need to go through each of the settings in links.cfg and make sure they are configured correctly instead of waiting for Links to generate an error and then posting here for help about what to do. Setting the configurations is part of installing the script and is something it says to do in the Links readme.txt file.