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Looking for perl programmer to custom Links2

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Looking for perl programmer to custom Links2
Dear Sir,

I am looking for perl programmer to do the following mods.

Project Objective : Using Links2 as a product catalog

Modifications :

(1) Allow webmaster to upload and add product images in the admin area. There should be 2 images, one is small size image and the other one is big size image.

(2) Add a "shopping cart like" function to Links2. It's just like what www.hostglobal.com is doing. I would like to show a checkbox besides each product, if the visitor are
intersted, they can check the box and click on the "add to cart" button in every page. And then they will see a page showing what products they are intersted, and there will
be 3
button in that page : 1. continue to surf, 2. require for further information, 3 delete item. If they choose No1., they will go back to the previous page, if they choose No.2,
form will come up and ask the viistor information, and these information will send to the webmaster.
I know a shopping cart script which can do the similar function(http://www.dcscripts.com/dcshop.shtml). The advantage of using this script is webmaster can also view
product enquire record throught the web, not just email. If you can combine this shopping script into Links2, it's much better.

Could you quote a price for such a modifictionas? And tell me how long it take to finish this? Thanks in advanced.



Bear EveryWhere
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Re: Looking for perl programmer to custom Links2 In reply to
Why dont you just look around at cgi-resources for one. It would cost too much to have all those things added/changed.