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Little problem with Altavista span pages

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Little problem with Altavista span pages

I have a little problem with the Altavista Span pages mod.I get a error if I build mine pages like this:

Building Home Pages . . .
Subcategories: 19
Total Links: 2052
Opening page: /index.shtml

Error Message : unable to open home page: /index.shtml. Reason: Permission denied
Script Location : nph-build.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00404

I don't know were I can find the error.I have put the mod in the nph-build.cgi,make the modification in the category.html template,but again,i got the error message.
And....the a other thing is,if I view a page with more than 10 links,I get the old next en prev.

Maybe someone can help me with this problem,I have tried to find this in this forum,but no one had this error message

o,and a other thing,With the modification,it build no index file,so if I add some links in the link manager or on my website,,and afterwards I validate them,the doesn't appear on the builded pages,so there are no new links,and if I put the "old" nph-build.cgi back,I have the new links in the builded pages.

Thanks for your help,

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I already responded to your other Thread.


Eliot Lee