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Links vs Hyperseek.

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Links vs Hyperseek.
Hi all,

I just saw the messages of Links vs Indexfinger. I would like to know how u guys comment on Hyperseek?

In their comparsion chat, they seems to be a better program than Links or IF. Actually, I just want to hear some real comment.

I am still thinking whether i should choose Links or Hyperseek. I original using Links but owing to the size of my database, I can't build page at once in my current ISP and the Links 2.0 can't support special characters is another very important problem.
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Re: Links vs Hyperseek. In reply to
Links is a very good search engine, and dont forget its free, hyperseek will cost you 399 dollars so you would expect to get something better, but the program only comes into its own, when you by the plugins, so hte cost has just risen to 999 dollars...

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Re: Links vs Hyperseek. In reply to
Hyperseek it limited in its application. LINKS is HIGHLY customizable and also free (for non-for-profit and academic sites). Also, Hyperseek lacks the democratic support that is evident in LINKS (and other scripts offered by this site).

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