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Links that take up less space?

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Links that take up less space?
Hey gang,

I run a baseball website (http://www.warningtrack.net) and have a section on there for baseball links...that section has grown to over 1000 links...and therefore I'm preparing to implement links2.0 into my site.

Anyway, as you'll notice on my links section, the links are nice and together, not taking up much space...example...

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

I like it this way (you can see a perfect example at http://www.warningtrack.net/links/general.html)...and would rather keep them like that without them being all spaced with descriptions and everything...I can live with the little descriptions, and maybe ditching a few features (like either the rating system of the hits it counts) if it means I can keep the layout I already have.

Oh and also, if I purchase the registration after already setting the program up, do I have to set it up all over again, or is there a quick fix to get rid of the "Powered by" link?

Thanks guys, I'd appreciate any help here, as I'd love to use this program!

Chris - TWT Commish
"Curing the World of Cluless Baseball Fans"
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You can get rid of the Gossamer-Threads Copyright Statement by editing your templates. You can also edit the look and feel of your links pages by editing the "links.html" file in the templates directory.

If you decide to take out features, it is best to comment out the lines in the nph-build.cgi file so that those features
will not build themselves. There is an Item in this forum or in the Modification forum that discusses how to comment out section of scripts that will not build ratings, detailed pages, etc.

Bobsie, of course, can help you with this.

Eliot Lee
Founder and Editor
Anthro TECH, L.L.C
Coconino Community College
Web Technology