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Links has its Limitations

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Links has its Limitations
When you have a huge database of more than 2MB for Links, the operation will time-out when you try building the pages -- this is because the browser has a limitation of NO MORE than 2MBs. Anybody ever had this experience?


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Hi John,

The browser can hold more then 2 MB of data.. I've downloaded an access_log into the browser window that was 8-12 MB.

The time out may be because of a ceartain process taking too long. Are you using beta 5? One of the slow aspects of Links is calculating dates, and I added in a date cache in beta 5 that speeded things up 40% or so on a database of 6,000 links. (You don't need to replace everything, just db_utils.pl).

Also try building using staggered mode to avoid timeouts.

Let me know how it goes!