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Links doesn't appear

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Links doesn't appear
Hi everybody,
the added links does'n appear in the categories,
i wrote in this forum but the replies didn't solve the problem !
please help me

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Re: Links doesn't appear In reply to
Again...it IS a TAG problem...trust me!

Make sure that you have:


<%if links%>

ALL on separate lines in the category.html file.

OR if you are using a WYSIWYG editor like DREAMWEAVER, which I think you are, you should install the Enhanced Template.pm code hack, which is linked in the Resources section of this site. This code hack will allow you to have tags on the same line (which editors like Dreamweaver tend to do), like the following:


<%if links%><%links%><%endif%>

BTW: It is best to add replies to your ORIGINAL Threads rather than adding duplicate and redundant Threads. Also, adding replies to your ORIGINAL Thread WILL bring it back to the top of the forum.


Eliot Lee