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Links Resource Suggestions - HELP OUT!

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Links Resource Suggestions - HELP OUT!

I am putting together a very large site to answer as many questions as possible about Links 2.0.

What should be included that would benefit users?

I apprecaite your help, it will be to the advantage of all Links users!


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Re: Links Resource Suggestions - HELP OUT! In reply to
This has already been proposed by other LINKS 2.0 USERS like junko...as I suggested before, the better approach is to use the EXISTING RESOURCE section of this site and make recommendations to Alex to improve its quality.

Spreading the resources across multiple external web sites, IMHO, has the potential of further raising confusion and frustration because of high risk of inconsistent information and also at times lack of access to information since the information is located on external servers than GT.

Again, I would add as many FAQs as you can into the EXISTING RESOURCES section of this web site and also make recommendations either publicly or privately to GT about how to improve the RESOURCES section of this site. By creating another resource center, you are just duplicating effort, bandwidth, and disk space.


Eliot Lee