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Links 2.0 for dummies

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Links 2.0 for dummies
Yep, I think that's what I need, a dummies book for links 2.0. As much as I hate to say it, I'm about a half a notch above computer novice.

I've ever uploaded to my site, but the directions have my non-program minded fanny stumped. "Set permissions", "edit cfg's", etc... makes no sense to me. Am I suppossed to go hunting for code and make changes? I'm totally lost.

Thanks in advance for any advice or clarification.

btw--these forums are pretty darn nifty. they seem much more friendly than the YaBB forums I've been using.
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Re: [almaric] Links 2.0 for dummies In reply to
It's highly suggested (even mentioned in the readme file) that you at least learn some Perl, CGI, and FTP basics before ever attempting to run a program as complex as Links.

To "set permissions", means to tell your server who is allwed to read/write/execute each file. Officially, this function is called "CHMOD", or "change mode". Generally speaking, any files that need to be executed (ie, Perl scripts) should have a CHMOD of 755, and files that need to be writable should be 666. Don't worry too much about what those numbers mean for now.

"edit cfgs" In links, to change the field defininitions, to define directories and urls (among dozens of other things) to customize how the script functions.

The "readme" and the configuration files should be pretty straitforward on what to do with each variable so long as you've got some basic understanding of Perl.

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Re: [PerlFreak] Links 2.0 for dummies In reply to
Hey Drew,

I have a small, tiny working knowledge of CGI and Perl, and that only comes from installing a few other scripts on my website. So it's nothing to write home about. I'm still learning and figured the best way to teach yourself is to jump in. I just hit a roadblock.

Thanks for the response.