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Link v2 or not Links v2? That is the question...

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Link v2 or not Links v2? That is the question...
Seems many people through-out the forum have assumed that a new forum for Links v2 would be a good idea and some feel it would be bad. I must state my opinion. (I should call my self Mr. Opinion.. hehe)

I think it's a BAD idea...

A possiable solution to people trying out mods and finding out that they are for a wrong version is quite simple. People MUST state what version the mods or info is for.

I propose that when Alex gets a chance he conciders adding a mod for a new field to his copy of the forum so when people submit it will have a drop down window for the user to select which version of what script he is using. This will help people to add that "Needed" info.

And as a side note.. Or request, if you will..

Alex could you set an option in your UBB Search for "Search all Links Forums"

Thanks and remember.. This was a test of the Opinion Broadcasting Station... <Bzzzzzzzz>