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Link from Site listing to Detailed page?

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Link from Site listing to Detailed page?
If I wanted to add a <%linky-thing%> from each of the site listings to it's Deatailed page, would I put something like this in the link.html template:

<a class="link" href="<%db_cgi_url%>/pages/Detailed/?ID=<%ID%>

or would I just add this:

<%Detailed%> ?????

And....... *thinks*

I saw somewhere htere was a mod to do reviews and / or comments on a page. Would those comments happen to get located ON the Detailed page? (Coz if that's so, wouldn't there be having a link to the Detailed page, like in cgi-resources list? And if so, then that would be what I'm looking for? Right?

Am I making any sense? My brain's fried right now. I've been up all night trying to get the mod that I was freaking out over earlier set up...

*Sangi dozes off* SNERX! Day-day, peeps!


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Re: Link from Site listing to Detailed page? In reply to
Here's the line from my link.html

<a class="link" href="<%build_root_url%>/Detailed/<%detailed_url%>"><B><%Title%></B></a>

I'm not using style sheets, so the class='link' is a hold over, and hence the <B></B> set of tags.