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Link Popularity

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Link Popularity
Do any of you 'webmasters' use the links 2 as a form of increasing your link popularity with the search engines?

Also, I am considering purchasing the script and having someone install it for me. I want the most basic link settings, many of the feature are of no use to me. I'm wishing to set up a simple links page. I currently manually add links when someone requests. I realize this script is automated, but I want to know if it can be installed and have a simple look without all of the tabs pointing to 'newsletter' 'cool link' 'random'?

I know that it is possible to manually accept or deny new link submissions. Is there a way of informing the party wishing to submit their link that we will require a reciprocal link before their's is added? I also saw that an add on script was available to check that others maintain a reciprocal link.

Your responses are appreciated.


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have you download links yet? You might want to do that first. this is a very good program, actually I played around doing mods learning on links 2.0 and ended up buying linksSQL, expensive but the saving up for it was well worth it. Right now a little overkill but ... hopeing.

installation is not that difficult if you read the readme.txt ... installation comes included with linksSQL wonder if you purchase links 2.0 you can get the same deal. Might be worth an email to Alex to find out.

html work can be done through templates or in the script (you have a choice) Yes, almost anything can be done. I hate the random link personally.

there is a validation option, so you could check their page first and once you see you link you can go to the admin area and validate then, easy. the addon should be easy to install too.

If you decide to try this out on your own and come across troubles, normally somebody here will answer pretty quickly.

purchasing links is also a benefit.

good luck and hope you join the crowd.

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