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Link 2.0 and Hypermart

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Link 2.0 and Hypermart
I really need to get my site running again. I have used the free version of Links 2.0 with reciprocal links to Gossamer Threads for at least five years now, and have never had any problems at all with the script on hypermart's servers.

If anyone at GT can help me get my site working again on hypermart I would gladly pay the asking price for Links 2.0 or whatever the latest version is. I don't think I need Links SQL at this point and would rather not pay $450.00 for something much bigger and powerful than I need.

Any suggestions, besides switching to another host? I am not looking for a free host. I am a paying customer of hypermart and was very happy with them until they made all the recent changes and screwed up my site. I have tried other paid hosting services and would prefer to stick with hypermart, because of all the features offered with cgi scripts, ssi, ect. (probably obsolete by now, but i have a limited knowledge of working with them) and the fact that I hever had problems with slow loading that I had with other hosting services.

There are probably just a few changes that need to be made within Links 2.x in order to work on hypermart's servers. I would really appreciate some help and will be glad to finally purchase the product if I can get my site working properly again. Thanks!