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Kick-start your "Yahoo!"

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Kick-start your "Yahoo!"
Ok... now i finished setting up Links 2.0 Smile and every categories and subcategories are ready for visitors' input. But the problem is the whole Website is empty and no one would ever think that this Website will help them in anyway (let alone finding my site anyway).

So if anyone of you who have ideas or experience on how to kick-start and promote your newly designed "Yahoo", please share it with me.

Cool Benjamin Leow Cool

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Re: [benleow] Kick-start your "Yahoo!" In reply to
Two Suggestions:

1) Add the links yourself via the ADMIN.CGI script.
2) Use the DMOZ dump (referenced a few times in this forum) to add a bunch of links into your directory in one swoop.

However, quality content is much better than crappy quantity. Find a blend between quality and quantity and you'll have a successful directory/search engine.
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