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Is it possible to modify db fields?

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Is it possible to modify db fields?
I'm just getting started with my first Links 2.0 implementation - haven't actually got mine up yet, but I've played with the admin screen on this site (i.e., http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...inks/admin/admin.cgi). My question is very, very basic: On the "Add a New Link" screen, there are 13 database fields (ID, Title, URL, etc.) Is it possible to modify these fields in Links 2.0, or does one need to use Links SQL to do that? I'm pretty happy with the 13 fields there, but I really need at least one additional field. I would like it to act like the Description field, so that if a user did a search on a word in the additional field, then the search query would catch the match.

If this is a question for the mod forum, just let me know. I'm posting it here because I do not even know if this is the sort of modification that's possible, or if maybe I bought the wrong product and really need Links SQL.
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Re: [jperez] Is it possible to modify db fields? In reply to
use the search posts feature at the top of the forum...I searched for "add field" in the llinks customization forum ( there is also a seach box at the bottom ).

here are some to get you started




If you add/delete fields in links.def, you must adjust your links.db accordingly. I added a few fields in the beginning ( ended up with about 25 ). then did a major overhaul and now have 85. Poor planning in the beginning by me!

The 13 fields that currently exist are pretty integral to the operation of links. they can be deleted but you need to search the forum on how to do it.

Speaking of searching, notice the @search_fields array in the links.def file.

to view/change your database see:


I think there are two primary differences between links 2 and links sql. First, links sql will handle an almost unlimited number of records. links 2 may handle 5,000 (or less, depending on other factors). but search for limits.

Second, links 2 seems to be easier to customize and has many more mods.

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Re: [esm] Is it possible to modify db fields? In reply to
>>>Second, links 2 seems to be easier to customize and has many more mods. <<<

Did you mean Links SQL, or Links 2? If you meant Links 2, I would have to disagree with you Wink Although there are more templates in Links SQL...its a lot easier to customize than Links2. You can use <%else%> <%elsif%> etc tags, and a lot more Smile


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