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Is it possible to do the following or ..

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Is it possible to do the following or ..
..would i be wasting my time?

Add the URLs i need to Links. Choose Build All so i get the /pages/Category/index.html file made.

Then take the ID=?? URLs from the built links and paste them onto a website i have made.

Save this new website (with the id links taken from the build all process) as index.html.

Upload my own made index.html to /pages/Category/index.html
Would the ID links still work?
So basically i Built All, took the ID links from it, stuck them in my OWN index.html and overwrote the one Links created.

Thanks, i dont want to overwrite what i already have in case it all goes wrong and someone may know if its worth my time. cheers


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Re: Is it possible to do the following or .. In reply to
I guess it's possible, but it sounds like a very inefficient way to do things ....

You should instead edit the home.html template to fit your needs.