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Inaccurate link counts

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Inaccurate link counts
Hi, I just installed Links SQL 2.0.1 on a box running Solaris and using a postgresql database.

All appears to be working ok apart from the link counts which do not always accuately represent the actual count.

For example ...

I added two links in a nanotechnology category. The nano category claims zero (0) links, although it has a "new" flag.

But when you enter the category, one of the links is there!
An applied math cat claims five entries, but when you enter it, the total of the links in subcats is only two...?

I added, then modified, record id 5 "nano nano nano"; it claims to be in the nano cat, but only shows up if I search for it, not when I drill down...

As you can see, this is very strange (unless i'm missing something ;)

Can anyone shed some light on this ?


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Try the Link SQL Forum Wink, this is the Links 2 Discussion forum :)