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I need pro help please

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I need pro help please
I've been trying to get n answer how and where to start. I am starting a TGP, and I would like someone to give me a starting point to how to master this app. I already am running a link list but want to branch out to TGP link list under the same domain but want it set up dif from what I am already running.
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Re: [Slick_Rick] I need pro help please In reply to
here is one thread to look at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...-bin%2Flinks;#127729

read the install instructions that come with Links 2

look through the install forum here at G-T

Configure the files - links.cfg and the location of perl and links.cfg in each file as needed

create the directories and set the permissions

upload the files in ascii to the appropriate directories

set the file permissions

see if it works - add, modify records, search, view, etc
You will need to add links and catergories to test

fix any install problems - post any problems here on the install forum

This will install Links right out of the box. without any changes except those required to make it run. Get it to run before you make changes.

change link.def as needed

install any mods

change html pages as needed

I'm sure I left something out. This is not meant to be a comprehensive step-by-step guide to getting up and running. It may not even be a good overview of that process.

Installing it is somewhat easy - watch those permissions ( on unix machines )

Being a programmer or having those types of abilities will make the process of changing things to meet your needs fairly easy.

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