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I got a question please help??Thank you.

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I got a question please help??Thank you.
hey, what I was trying to ask you that I tested the link 2.0 script, and I add about 19 links and you know the script should make a next page for more links.. But why doesnt it do that???Can you tell me why. Please

Thank you
and link 2.0 is a great script.
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Re: I got a question please help??Thank you. In reply to
There is a variable setting in the links.cfg (Configuration) file that allows you to set the number of links per page. I believe that the default number is 20 or 25. So, you need to change it to whatever number you want to appear on each page.

Be aware that this does not apply to the What's New pages as all links for each day will be added into one page per day. For example, you add 250 links on any given day, they will all be listed on the same web page.

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