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ID# duplication

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ID# duplication
I added a new user to help look after the forum for me (http://www.mediamage.com/links/pages/) and ever since, the ID numbering started over again at #1. What has happened because of this is that there will be two ID 20's which results in them both showing the same URL when clicked on.

I realize that I will now have to go in and manually change all of these but I was curious why this happened? I have never paid much attention to the ID numbering. Is the reason because I have added another user to look after it?

Also, how can I view the highest ID number we have used so far so that I can renumber the wrong ones. Will it automatically start renumbering correctly if I change ID #'s to a higher number ie) change from 20 to 643, will next default number be 644 or will I have to somehow remember this each time?

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Re: [Tawnya] ID# duplication In reply to
Use the script at the following post to fix your links.db and linksid files:

Often this is caused by having too many records and your server can't handle it, and files tend to get munged in the process of having multiple read-writes going on simultaneously (even with file locking, it happens...). Another posibility is that the other user is manually entering in the ID numbers, which I believe would also cause the linksid file to reset.

If you can afford it, you should really consider upgrading your license to Gossamer Links 3.x. Better performance, security, and much less problems in comparison to flat-file database formats.

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Re: [fuzzy logic] ID# duplication In reply to
Thanks kindly, I will give it a try!