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ID #'s getting screwed up

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ID #'s getting screwed up
I am using links 1.0 and have about 1400 links in my database. It suddenly started validating new links starting back with ID # 1 and going up. It overwrites the old link with those ID #s. What's the problem with it and how do I fix it?
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Re: ID #'s getting screwed up In reply to
There is a file in your admin/data directory called linksid.txt. It contains the next number to use for the ID field. Apparently, it has been corrupted somehow. Load it into an editor and change the number to be at least as high as the ID of the last record in your database and resave it (as ASCII).

I hope this helps.
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Re: ID #'s getting screwed up In reply to
I have come accross the same problem. When I validated a few sites, the numbers jumped from 11 to 151. Then I downloaded the linksid.txt file and changed the number back to 11. It seem to work. However, I just noticed that the number has jumped from 14 total records to 17. (No, there are NO duplicate records.)

How does this file become corrupted? How can
this be prevented?

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