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How to put Detailed?

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How to put Detailed?
Can anyone tell me how to put detailed tag in for each resource?I like to have a Deatailed link for every resource so that users can click on and see more about that resource?
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In links.cfg:

# Detailed View: The script can build a single html page per link. This is
# great if you have a review in your database. To enable, you must set
# the directory where all the pages will be stored, the url to that directory
# and set the enable option.
$build_detailed = 0;
$build_detail_path = "$build_root_path/Detailed";
$build_detail_url = "$build_root_url/Detailed";

Set $build_detailed to 1.

If you are using templates, change this in sub site_html_link in site_html_templates.pl:

detailed_url => "$db_detailed_url/$rec{'ID'}$build_extension",

to read:

detailed_url => "$build_detail_url/$rec{'ID'}$build_extension",

If using templates, you then edit link.html to use the <%detailed_url%> as the link instead of what is in there by default, and take out those things you do not want to include in the link (you may want to use them in the detailed page instead). You can then edit detailed.html to make the detailed pages look how you want.

If not using templates, edit sub site_html_link of site_html.pl to remove those things you do not want to include with the link. Then edit sub site_html_detailed to get the look/feel of the detailed page you want.

The detailed pages can contain the actual links to the site, through jump.cgi.

When done, rebuild the pages.

I hope this helps.

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