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How many to a license?

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How many to a license?
a questions: with Links2, how many installations can i have per one license? all installatations will be on the same server, under the same account, and all will be managed and run for my company (i will not be re-selling them or allowing other parties to have access to the admin features in any way).

the reason i ask is because Links2 is an excellent script, *almost* perfect for my needs (don't worry, my needs are *very* strict, so it's certainly not by fault of the script Smile, but i would like to set up a database for each of the following on my site (a general internet services site, Theoretic Internet Services, http://www.theoretic.com):

* categorize music-related files and sites.
* categorize a list of web-hosting-related sites and resources.
* categorize a database of clients (a semi-private database, only for me, my employees, and my partners to access).

i am simploy hoping that with a registration of $150 i could set up multiple databases/installations under the above strict restrictions. i will be willing to abide by further restrictions if it would allow for me to do this with your permission.

please respond as soon as possible, because i'd like to buy the registration as soon as i get confirmation. thank you for both the reply in advance and the great script!

Theoretic Internet Services (http://www.theoretic.com)
'Your Web Hosting, Button Exchange, and Weather Forecasts Solution, with Just Two Words: Quality and Privacy'
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It is best to send Alex an email message about your request. He is very responsive.


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Re: How many to a license? In reply to
Wouldnt "DBMAN" be better than "LINKS2" for keeping tabs on your clients?

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