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How many links on links?

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How many links on links?
Hello everyone,
I run a dedicated raq2 cobalt box with 128ram and almost nothing on the box at all other then my main sites. How many links would you estimate could be put on links with it still searching relatively well and quickly?

And, if you have used it much, how many do you now think links sql can handle? Thanks!

Ted Sindzinski
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Re: How many links on links? In reply to
This has been discussed numerous times. The major factor that should be considered is not the number of links, but the size of the database file. If the database file exceeds 1 MG, then the searching will slow down tremendously with the standard flat file of LINKS. If you think that you will exceed 1 MG, then you should strongly consider purchasing a license for the LINKS SQL program.


Eliot Lee
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Re: How many links on links? In reply to
I just pulled up my specs:

168K Category Database - 3,900 categories
1.6MB Links Database - 3,700 links.

Searches in 3 - 4 seconds, on a heavly used shared server.