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Help! Now trying to build "Document cont.. no data

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Help! Now trying to build "Document cont.. no data
The next problem I have is now when trying to run any of the build options.
I get a message "The document contains no data. Try again later, or contact the server's Administrator"
I have already added links successfully.
links.db => 5|Disability Information Victoria|http://www.disabilityinfo.org.au|14-Mar-2001|Disability|This site
provides information on numerous disability services in Victoria.|info|info@distss.org.au|0|Yes|No|0|0|Yes
6|DisAbility Services Division (Department of Human
Services)|http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au|14-Mar-2001|Disability|Direct link to the DisAbility Services Division of
the Victorian Department of Human Services. This site hosts a range of information for disability service
7|WebABLE|http://www.webable.com|14-Mar-2001|Disability|Includes a section on Web Accessibility
8|Vicnet|http://www.vicnet.net.au|14-Mar-2001|Disability|A rich resource for those interested in this
9|Disability Services Division|http://www.dss.gov.au|14-Mar-2001|Disability|for the Commonwealth
Department of Family and Community Services.|info|info@distss.org.au|0|Yes|No|0|0|Yes

I would appreciate help with this one as well.


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