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Header is fine, Footer is a problem

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Header is fine, Footer is a problem
I have these folders and files on the server

|--- footer
| links_webmasters.txt
|--- header
| Free_guestbooks.txt

The problem is on

I have links_webmasters.txt in the footer directory and in the footer form when I edit the category. it is not working. The header field/file is fine.

On the page all you can read is the filename (links_webmasters.txt)

I have checked the filename 100 times and can still not find what the problem is. <%footer%> is on a single line.. alone.

What can the problem be?

Sem Hadland

See my main page at http://www.free-stuff-explorer.com

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Re: Header is fine, Footer is a problem In reply to
I finally got it right.

The problem was the filename. It was too long. It took me 3 hours to find out. Everything is working fine now.

Excellent script.

I feel I have a very good and different layout for this script. check it out at